Organizational Culture, According To Cristian-Liviu, V.

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Organizational culture, according to Cristian-Liviu, V. (2013) can be defined as a system of shared values, representing the company’s most important elements, and beliefs, representing the way in which thing are done inside the company, that shape the employees, the organizational structure and control systems, in order to produce commonly accepted behavioural norms. Moreover, the way in which people behave is influenced by the ideologies, symbols and core values shared throughout the company.
There are different ways by which organization reveal their culture to other some use symbols, some use tag lines and them some use stories. All these ways what an organization believes in and about it values.
IBM Values:
• Dedication to every
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Listening to the inspiring stories and IBM’s way of life encouraged me and motivated me to embrace values and follow the same. While knowing history and contribution developed sense of proud in me about the organization I am associated with and further stimulated to live an as example of its values and maintain the same performance and image.
Innovation is in IBM’s DNA, bringing new approaches to customers, the company and the world at large. Behind each innovation are the people who conceive of it and work the long hours to see it become reality. The hero/heroines of such stories, the real life heroes who have shown exemplary contribution towards values and innovation are celebrated. Their posters are visible all around the office premises narrating their story. They are involved in motivational sessions too to help employees overcome challenge and follow the same footsteps. Meeting people who are your colleagues, leaders or subordinates and have contributed towards the image, develops the sense of healthy competition and to follow the example in me.
Living values is a ritual in IBM. Having fun daily, believing in each other, supporting others, contributing to society and individual’s success is a daily part of life here. It’s a part of their value “Trust and personal responsibilities”. Statements mentioned below are every day’s highlight in IBM.
• Our internal energy conservation projects

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