Organizational Culture : An Organization

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The organization that I work for has many locations but I will concentrate on my work site. The organizational focuses on the well being of the residents and families. For this paper, I decided to focus more on the organizational culture. I will look into how the administrations of this organization are directly responsible for building and sustaining the culture within an organization. Organizational Culture is the shared values and beliefs that underlie a company’s identity. In my organization, these shared values and beliefs reveals a common purpose; to provide the best care for those under our care. Since most of the residents cannot do for themselves, they depend on us to do it for them or to help them learn how to. Based on my…show more content…
For example, rewards given for employee of the month or weekly meetings discussing goals that were and were not met for that week. To improve on our organizational culture, rewards will be given and more meetings will be held in hopes to boost employee’s effectiveness. The second layer is espoused values. It represents the values and the norms that are preferred by that organization and are established by the founder or management. These values are what organizations would want their employees to be influenced by. The values and norms that are displayed in employees are enacted values. The third layer of organizational culture is basic assumptions. Over time, these values have been taken for granted thus becoming assumptions that influence organizational behavior and resistant to change. I have seen this becoming a trend in my organization. Those who have been at the organization for a long time are more resistant when there is a new idea implemented. Within my organization, there are policies in place to keep the functionality of the organization running smoothly. Policies such as how to protect yourself as well as the clients served, etc. These policies are made known to employees at time of hire and every so often during training sessions as reminders. To list a few policies at my workplace there is the privacy/confidentiality, training refreshers, the ratio of number of residents to staff and general rules for when the
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