Organizational Culture And Ethical Conduct

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The purpose of this document is to provide a brief description of the organization for the consulting services. Next, the consultant will recommend key steps that the organization can take to create a strong culture. The consultant will develop an introductory paragraph to the survey explaining the tie between organizational culture and ethical conduct. Designate at least two (2) groups within the organization who will take the survey and provide a rationale as to why these two (2) groups should complete the survey. After the two groups have been identified, develop a brief overview of the participates in the form of an invitation to participate in the survey explaining the purpose and intended use of the survey. Develop criteria for conducting the ethical climate survey of the organization. The criteria will identify: A. Who the target audience is; B. The method by which the consultant will administer the survey; C. Instructions for participants on accessing and completing the survey. D. Construct at least three (3) sample questions that address each of the following areas (12 questions total). At least two (2) of the twelve (12) questions which include the require an open-ended response. E. Determine the organizational culture of the business F. Examine the ethical climate of the organization G. Examine the impact of existing ethics training program(s) H. Determine the overall satisfaction of employees with the management on leading the organization in an ethical manner
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