Organizational Culture And Ethical Values

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In every organization, there is a culture practiced in that organization. Different organizations have different cultures. A culture of an organization defines how that particular organization manages itself as well as treats its customers if it is a business. An organizational culture is basically developed within an organization and all the staffs or workers of an organization are usually conversant with the culture of the organization they work for. Ethical values are also part of organizational culture. Ethics are very crucial in an organization since they determine how individuals relate with one another within an organization. Ethical values are the ones which guide individuals in upholding good morals within an organization. The purpose of this study is to understand what an organizational culture is as well as the ethical values required in an organization. In addition, this study aims at showing how ethical values can be used in an organization in fostering good relationships within and outside an organization. The question of research in this paper is the organizational culture and ethical values. The question is simply presented as a topic which requires some research about organizational culture and ethical values. The significance of studying this topic about organizational structure and ethical values is that we will be able to understand what organizational culture is and its importance in an organization. In addition, we will also understand the importance of
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