Organizational Culture And Human Resource Management

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Research by Newman & Nollen (1996) indicated that organization performance is better in the companies which there is congruency between national culture and human resources practices. If the human resources management practices are not in line with the basic tenets shared by employees, it will lead to dissatisfaction, lack of commitment and discomfort among the employees (Early, 1994). Introduction Culture affects and governs all facets of life by influencing values, attitudes and behavior of a society, while organizational culture relates to the unique modes of carrying out their activities (Dartey-Baah, 2013). Furthermore, the nature of organizational culture is largely influenced by the cultural orientation of the individual forming…show more content…
Under the high hierarchical company structure in china (which scores 80 in Hofestede’s index), the manager is more likely to hold the value that he has more power and rights, thus, more priorities than his subordinates. so the managers have more rights to be assigned overseas to gain experiences and knowledge. Conversely, in a small power distance culture like US (index 31 in Hofestede’s culture dimension), power is rather equally distributed among the members and employees. For oversea assignment in US, all suitable candidates are equally considered and carefully selected by employers. Detailed expatriate policy is also provided to guide and govern the assignment (jian wangye; Kopp, 1994). Long-term orientation Apart from the high power structure, the other distinction of Chinese companies is interpersonal (guanxi) networks within the organization (managing the human resource in Chinese-western joint). Guanxi is adopted from the Chinese language of “relationship” having good guanxi is synonymous with positive functioning in society (Tsui & Lau, 2002). In China, employees may be invited for dinner together when they first meet, in the middle of a project and when the project is finished. They build up relationships at work and to personalize the guanxi keep the relationship deep and long, so in the future, they could get possible help from each other if there is any difficulty in both work and personal life. Similar
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