Organizational Culture And Human Resource Management

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This paper will comprehensively discuss the concept of organizational culture, the internal and external factors and its relation to human resource management. The critique of how organizational culture can promote or hinder organizational processes and outcomes is discussed.

The concept of "organizational culture" refers to the personality of an organization, and the personality is build up by group of people with differences. Each individuals of the organization plays an uniqueness roles. Organizational culture is defined as an assembly of traditions, values, procedures, conceptions and attitudes with creates the context of activities in the organization (Schein, 2012). Organization culture is also an important part of management as it is the hinge which decides the function of the organization.

Culture helps to promote inner integration, bring labor force from all layers of the organization much nearer together, increases moral, and enhances their performance (Catalin, 2011). Organizational culture has a central role to play in the life of any organization as its analysis aids in the understanding of what goes on inside and outside of the organization, especially as it relates to the interactions within the organization and to its external stakeholders. This also implies that members in an organization develop a collective identity which helps them to work together and helps them in the course of adaptation to external environment (Kim & Quinn, 2011). With a strong…
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