Organizational Culture And Its Functions

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Organizational culture involves systems of beliefs and values that guide the behavior of individuals within the organization and how they shape behavior (Kummerow, 2013). Organizational structures, on the other hand, dictate the assignment, coordination and control of roles and responsibilities to achieve organizational goals (Pathak 2011). For a company to perform effectively it needs to grow, organizational development is one element of growth that focuses on practice an research focused in expanding effectiveness and the knowledge of individuals. In order to grow, a firm needs to transfer, create ad retain knowledge within its staff members and people affiliated to it through organizational. The aim of this paper is to analyze the concepts of organizational, culture, structure, development, and learning and evaluate how this concept relates to Jaguar Company.
According to Kummerow and Kirby (2013), organizational culture is patterns of shared values, beliefs and assumptions developed by an organization as it looks for ways to cope with issues of internal integration and external adaptation. Consequently, it will govern how individual behave within the organization and the culture is tough to any new member of the organization so that they know the correct way to think, feel and perceive issues within the organization. Culture is an important part of any company, it provides and controls the way staff members behave in
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