Organizational Culture And Its Impact On Business Success And Employee Performance

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Organisational Culture and its Impact on Business Success and Employee Performance

Organisational or corporate culture is a broad concept. In the recent past this concept is widely studied and researched. One study, reference cited in Tsai (2011), refers Organizational culture to the values and norms that have existed in a company for many years, and to the beliefs of the people and the perceived value of their work that will dominate their mindsets and behavior. It is reasonable to assume that organizational culture has a significant impact over an organisation’s different force. Organisational culture is an important driver of the success of a business. It is a philosophy that can lead a company’s policy towards people and clients. This essay begins mainly focusing with organisational culture, its elements and importance and how it is formed, then it will find out about organisational structure which can be a platform of organisational cultures to form and lastly it will briefly discuss the view of power in this substance and the impact of employee’s performance.

Organisational culture:

Organisational culture consists of the standards and inferential practices with an organization. In this modern business era, businesses are too concerned about the competitions and therefore every well known company wants to keep a well structured, well maintained organisational practice. Organisational culture has been defined differently as days past. The most frequently used…
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