Organizational Culture And Leadership Assessment

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Organizational culture is a system of symbols and interactions unique to each organization. It is the ways of thinking, behaving, and believing that members of a unit have in common” (marquis, 2011). The conveyance of the system culture requires an active, constructive role of management and leadership. The leaders will need to assess the subcultures, perceptions, attitude and beliefs and influence, in their unit to intervene and meet their responsibility (Marquis, 2011). In this paper, the organizational culture and leadership assessment thru observation and data collection of a teaching hospital that is not-for-profit healthcare full service medical center with 851 beds, and it is the fifth largest hospital in Florida. The hospital’s mission core is on the Quality- caring Model and the value it places on human relationship. Additionally, the hospital’s promise of integrity with the professional standards as a commitment to deliver excellence to the community (intranet citing). The hospital leadership outcome approach is through encouragement, relationship, goal orientation, engagement, patients and staff satisfaction, and adaptation to changes. The organization takes pride in receiving the Gallup Great Workplace Award in 2014, which proves the direct relationship of how employee engagement drives high quality outcomes. Incorporating commitment of leadership, accountability and performance, development of quality and patient safety and ongoing learning, and effective
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