Organizational Culture And Leadership Of The Private Sector Within Malaysia

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 General Overview of the Problem
Leaders and organizational culture are synonymous and hold great intrinsic value in every organization that tend to be dependent rather than mutually exclusive. In the current global climate, firms are in dire advocacy of the two factors above especially in the private sector within Malaysia. Previous literature elucidates a descriptive approach into the correlation of leadership and organizational culture however the absence of substantial literature in this region including inconsistent nomenclature leaves current crop of local leaders and firms alike in a conundrum on effective adaptability of leadership in relation to the existing culture and the degree of interdependence for both.

1.2 Background of the Study
As pointed out by previous studies, (e.g. Hana Mohelska a & Marcela Sokolovab, 2014), organizational culture and leadership has been of interest of scientist as well as managers for several decades. Different countries have various approaches in synthesizing a symbiotic culture and assimilating leadership as a key integral in engraining the needed culture. Several journals have been published in light of how prudent culture and leadership are and the connotations that both share including the interdependence (e.g Mohelska & Pitra, 2012). Culture, even thou an intangible concept is not measured on the basis of pass or fail merits instead provides a significant value…
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