Organizational Culture And Organisational Culture

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There are many different interpretations on what organizational culture is; it can be defined as … This essay will be discussing and explaining organizational culture and change, furthermore how culture can have an influence on behaviour at work. In addition there will be an discussion on the organizational culture of two UK businesses, as well Organisational Culture Organisational culture is described as a company’s personality or DNA. (Education Portal) has defined organisational culture as ‘a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave in organizations’. There are seven dimensions or characteristics of organisational culture. The Organisational Culture Profile (OCP) is one of many typologies that businesses use, to help them not only to describe its culture, but also identify, measure and managing it more effectively. Each organisation has a unique culture; every company will have a different value for each of the characteristics; furthermore when they are combined they define the organisations culture. The difference between strong and weak culture is that if a business has a weak culture, then there will be a wide variety of opinions, whereas if a business has a strong culture than majority of the employees will have and share the same beliefs and values of the organisation. This will not only have an impact but will also influence the behaviour of the members of the business, as they know what is required of them; therefore the
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