Organizational Culture Aspects Essay

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Organizational Culture Aspects
The impact of culture is very important when it comes to attempting and achieving personal goals and business goals. Organizational cultures are the characteristics that are based on morals, values, traditions and personnel behavior. Values are very important because people act out upon his or her values, and values channel behavior. Saying and doing the right thing are two different things and if managers are trying to set the culture they have to set the example. Physical manifestations such as ethical codes or written rules are some ways the organization reflects its values. General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Haliburton Company, Corporate Express, ACH Foods and Whole Foods are corporations that strive to
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Lockheed Martin uses The Diversity Maturity Model (DMM) to measure employee’s thoughts and perceptions to a better work environment.
We all have heard the slogan “We never forget who we are working for.” Well, that is exactly what Lockheed’s mission is based on, “What’s good for people is good for business” (2008). Many companies are customer based and like General Electric they also “depend upon the imaginations, intelligence and curiosity of its employees” (2008) to serve customers better. Diversity is accepted and welcomed at Lockheed Martin because they rely heavily on teamwork. Ethical standards and behaviors are given to all from top executive leadership positions to every level at the corporation. They have values they rely on to respect each person’s individuality. Do what is right, Respect others, Perform with excellence.
Creating the right culture is not easy but there are programs that help alleviate conflicts. For example, Lockheed uses the internet base software programs that give training on ethics and legal compliances. This type of training can address different topics such as sexual harassment and with technology has helped many companies in giving training where there is no time for seminars.
Corporate Express Canada
Corporate Express Canada (CEC) has been voted in the top 50 employers of Canada for the last 3 years in a row. Having this prestige makes CEC a very reputable
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