Organizational Culture At The Workplace

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Organizations as culture are able to create a vision for leaders to use in order to guide organizational objectives. It can also provide a perspective so followers can measure their leader’s performance in achieving the vision. Organizational culture can determine the way employees interact at the workplace and helps guide and give them a sense of direction at the workplace. Through observing Foundation, the following provide examples to demonstrate how Foundation is operating within the culture metaphor: • The culture at Foundation is professional but casual; it suits the organization’s personality. Employees are encouraged to dress casual so that they are comfortable when doing their job. There is no official dress code in place. Additionally, the design of physical space and work environments are that of a relaxed and casual feel with wide opening working areas, where people can come together to work and collaborate. • The organization’s mission statement serves as the inspiration of the group and is the basis of why they do what they do. Employees regularly work together to help others by raising funds and gathering donations such as food and clothes to help families in need. • The organization makes a serious effort to function as a community, working together to improve the quality of life of children they serve and believe that their work positively influences the lives of the children and families they serve. Teachers and staff volunteer their time to help
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