Organizational Culture Change Challenges : Organisational Culture

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Organisational Culture Change Challenges People and Organisational Culture Topics 1/2 Organisational Culture, 3/4 Change Management, 5/6 Managing Human Resources Assessment 1- T12016 Sharondeep Gill Ducere / University of Canberra The performance of an organization greatly depends on the ability of managers to effectively manage their workforce and resources. There is no single definitive classification of management functions and every organization has its own unique culture upon which it operates. Bryson (2008) defines organizational culture as a system of beliefs, values and assumptions that are shared and that determine the behaviour of people in organizations. Employees within these organisations tend to carry out their key responsibilities in line with the companies values and vision and are often strongly influenced by them. Therefore it’s not surprising that organisational culture is connected inherently to change management. Due to the complexity of the business landscape, periodically organisations may need to embrace change and failure to adopt change could potentially lead to the organisation becoming less progressive as its competitors advance in their profitability and internal operations. Subsequently, organisations need to be receptive to changing organisational culture in effecting new changes in its systems. The objective of this essay is to compare and contrast differing models of management and explore how they can be implemented to change
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