Organizational Culture Change The Organization Culture Essay

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It is not uncommon in today’s business world to hear a new CEO, an organizational consultant, a leadership expert—talk about the urgent need to change the organization culture. Often organizations set high aspirations to “change the culture” but fall short of modifying the way that people feel, behave and get work done. Culture changes rarely manifest into noticeable long term improvements. It is important to note that corporate cultures are slow to evolve and difficult to change, that is not to say that culture cannot be changed. For starters, organizational culture can be complex to even define and differ in definition depending on the organization. As organizations move forward with their “culture change” programs, it is crucial that they have a vast understanding of what culture is and how it is formed. In the present paper, the foundation of organizational culture is studied from a couple of different aspects: how culture evolves, how culture can be changed, and what is a leader’s role in culture change? When positive culture forces and strategic priorities are in sync, companies can begin to gain competitive advantage or regain advantages that may have been lost.
Organizations should no longer ignore cultural forces within the workplace when looking to implement change of any kind. Organizational culture as a concept has recently came to the forefront, although, many concepts have touched on aspects of culture. In earlier research, characteristics of culture were
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