Organizational Culture: Evidence Based Practices

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Culture Evidence Based Practice Examine the various suggestions for promoting an organizational culture that embraces the use of EBP. There are a number of different ways for promoting evidence based practices (EBP) inside a health care environment. One of the most common is the organizational approach. This is when staff members are sharing their knowledge with each other through experience and discussions about the best techniques. At the same time, information is disseminated through policies and audit reports. (Gerrish, 2004) These practices have been shown to provide everyone with specific insights that will improve their ability to troubleshoot and analyze critical situations. It is based upon what they learned during the process of working with other professionals and the experience they receive. When this happens, they are more responsive to the changing needs of patients and can ensure they are providing them with the best care available. (Gerrish, 2004) Another approach, is the innovative decision making process. This is when staff members learn the best techniques through working with other nurses. That is teaching them the most effective ways for analyzing a situation and using the latest information to make the best choices for treating patients and interacting with colleagues. (Schmidt, 2007) This approach has been shown to be efficient by providing everyone with real world experience as to the best procedures for applying what they learned during the
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