Organizational Culture

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Running Head: Culture Culture Introduction Effectiveness is regarded as the most suitable factor to measure the success of any organization. Besides this, there are certain things due to which this effectiveness can be achieved and culture is one of them. A good organizational culture is a key factor in achieving effectiveness. However, on the other hand, some of the researchers are opposed to this fact and according to them; there is no impact of culture on organizational effectiveness. Body An organizational culture can be defined as a group of different features that differentiates an organization from another organization. A number of researchers have defined the organizational culture as a beliefs, values and customs of an organization. These values and customs are delivered to each employee by the management of an organization. In this modern era of globalization, organizations are competing with each other and in this war of competition, maintaining an organizational culture is highly imperative. There are multiple reasons for this and one of the most significant reasons is to achieve effectiveness (Daft, pg. 34,2010). In the corporate world, the term effectiveness is referred as the level up to which goals and objectives are accomplished. There are many factors, which are accountable for achieving the desired goals and targets, and culture is one of those factors. Culture is divided into two broad categories that are weak and strong. A strong culture is the
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