Organizational Culture Essay

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Introduction The concept of organizational cultures was first raised in 1970s, and soon became a fashionable topic. Organizational culture is the shared beliefs, values and behaviours of the group. Theorists of organizations believe that organizational culture represents the pattern of behaviours, values, and beliefs of an organization. Hence, studies around organizational culture have been seen as great helpful and essential for understanding organizations and their behaviours. Additionally, organizational culture has been considered to be an important determinant of organizational success. Therefore, leaders and managers pay more than more attentions on this topic, focusing on constructing and managing organizational cultures. This…show more content…
Deal and Kennedy (1982:21) believe that the core of organizational culture is `Value', which are shared by the members within an organization. And the upper level which is `Behaviour' is guided by shared values. The invisible values provide a common direction for all members to behave towards the goal of the organization. Moreover, Schein (1985) has expanded the concept including fundamental assumptions, artefacts and symbols. (Schein 1980; Schein 1985) In Schein's theory, the most visible/outer level is behaviour and artefacts. This is the observable level of cultures, and consists of behaviours patterns and outward cultural manifestations: such as flags, dress codes, myths, stories, products and services, level of technology utilized, type of operations process, and the physical layout of work spaces. These are all visible factors that presenting the cultures of an organization. At the next level of culture are values. Values underlie and to a large extent determine behaviour, but they are not directly observable
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