Organizational Culture

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Organizational Culture

Huawei launched its “Huawei Basic Law” in 1998. This law makes every details into formal regulations on the basis of summing up its own development experience. It aims to make Huawei’s development plan and to determine Huawei 's second pioneering concepts, strategies, principles and basic policies.

Huawei 's corporate culture embodies its "core values." Huawei 's Basic Law" clearly stated its core values which are the pursuits of the following aspect: customers in the electronic information field, staff, new knowledge, technology, spirit, entrepreneurship, innovation, professionalism, benefits and social responsibility. All these are the essence of the corporate culture. Huawei searches for not only
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Human resources management plays quite an important role in Huawei.

Firstly, Huawei offers quite a high salary for its employees and its employees can share part of internal stock dividends. Huawei attracts and retains numerous qualified personnel with good talent through this mature incentive mechanism. At present, more than 85% of over 40000 employees in Huawei have a bachelor degree or even a higher academic qualification.

Secondly, unlike some small companies, Huawei is big enough to spend time and money on training new employees as well as to offer kinds of chances for its employees to show themselves, even in the international stage. While Chinese external labor market is not well-developed, Huawei offers a way to solve the problem that Chinese graduates’ abilities are weak in practice.

Huawei also establishes a dedicated employees training system because of the rapid replacement in technology industry. Employees will receive a regular training in order to catch up with the updating of knowledge.
Thirdly, Huawei has its own hiring system. It finishes five interviews in just one day .And the result will come out in one week. Such quick process provides a huge advantage to win the talents. Moreover, after signing employed contract, if the company makes you resigned, you will receive a large amount of compensation. It means once employees are hired, the company will seldom fire the employees.

On contrast, Huawei also takes some
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