Organizational Culture Is The Most Important Variable That Influences The Organizational Performance

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1.0 Introduction As a result of the accelerating pace of globalization, business environments in which organizations operate are increasingly turbulent and there is an unprecedented level of competition between rival firms (, 2016). Owing to this persistent rise in competition, organizations are faced with the dilemma of creating a viable competitive advantage. One way of developing such advantage is by constructing a captivating organizational culture. Organizational culture creates a unique identity that diversifies an organization from its opposition. Ogbonna & Lloyd (p, 32, 2002) defines organizational culture as “the collective sum of beliefs, values, meanings and assumptions that are shared by a social group and that…show more content…
Then, data obtained from an observation day at doc’s shipping Ltd combined with a questionnaire given to employees and two interviews will be analysed. Finally, my findings are compared with the already established literature on culture. 2.0 Background 2.1 Brief background on Doc’s shipping Doc’s Shipping Ltd is a small organization that is run by the founder. The organization is setup as a direct response to the emerging trends in the dynamic Maritime/Oil and Gas industry of the West African Sub region. Additionally, Doc’s shipping takes advantage of the Nigerian Coastwise trade and the Maritime and Oil Gas sector of the economy (, 2016). It has a relatively small workforce of only 45 employees. 2.2 Organizational Culture There is no single way to describe culture, rather there are numerous. According to Schein (p. 12, 1992), Organizational culture is defined as “a pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solves its problems of external adaptation and internal integration which has worked well enough to be considered valid and therefore, to be taught to new members as the correct way to perceived, think, and feel in relation to those problems.” Another way to describe this concept is that it is “a system of assumptions, beliefs, values and behavioural norms which have been developed and adopted by
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