Organizational Culture, Management Styles, And Organizational Size And Market Demands On The Organizational Structure Of The Firm

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This paper discusses the implications of organizational culture, management styles, and organizational size and market demands on the organizational structure of the firm. The paper uses the case study or Toyota Motors Corporation to evaluate how organizational structures are affected by these factors and to make recommendations on the same.
Objectives of the study
The study seeks to understand the meaning of organizational culture and how it implicates the structure the firm. The study will also seek to understand the effects of management styles on company structures. Also, the study undertakes to understand the implications of market demands as well as organizational size on the structure of the firm. It also places these factors and their implications in the context of Toyota Motor Corporation.
Organizational culture, management styles as well as organizational size and market demands are some of the key factors that dictate the business process of any firm, in order to achieve profitability, steady growth and other corporate needs, the firm has to develop an agile structure that responses to these needs robustly and efficiently. This therefore begs the understanding of the interrelationships between these critical actors and the company structure, which will in turn affect company success.
In this paper, we will look at theoretical prepositions of the effects of each of these key factors on organizational structures. The study will then pick on…
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