Organizational Culture Of The Lincoln Electric Company

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The Lincoln Electric Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrons. Lincoln employs 2,400 workers in two U.S. factories near Cleveland, OH and approximately 600 in three factories located in other countries. (The Lincoln Electric Company p. 1.)

The main focus of this paper is to analyze the organizational culture of this company, by doing so, I will point out the different features, the rules and norms, beliefs and philosophies and the systems implemented by the management team through the processes of communication among employees, stockholders, providers, costumers, etc. and other processes like production and commercialization that are essential to produce the best products at a low cost, put them in the best market and obtain the best results for the company.
To better analyze and understand the organizational culture of this company I will implement the subjects learned in chapter 8 of unit 3, which are, Organizational Culture Elements p. 102-203.

To start with, I would like to mention some of the aspects that the company implemented in favor of the organization and its employees:
They ask employees to elect representatives to a committee that would advise management on company’s operations.
Lincoln Electric Company’s Organizational Culture Analysis 3

Reduced employees hours from 55 to 50 a week.
The company gave employees a paid-up life insurance policy, a welding school
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