Organizational Culture Of The Nfl

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The organizational culture of the NFL was a breeding ground for dysfunction. From the lack of strong ethics to leadership accountability to inconsistencies, the NFL has many challenges to overcome. The first remedy for the NFL’s woes would be an organizational change in values. This would mean a paradigm shift to an ethical organizational culture. It will be imperative to consider the team owners and players “Until new behaviors are rooted in social norms and shared values, they are subject to degradation as soon as the pressure for change is removed” (Kotter, 2007). PMI notes five change enablers that when incorporated into strategic change initiatives a have a high rate of success. • Having well-defined milestones and metrics • Having senior management committed to change • Establishing and communicating concrete ownership and accountability • Using standardized project management practices • Having engaged executive sponsors (Cabrey & Haughey, 2014) When it comes to key performance indicators, Cabrey & Haughey (2014) note three metrics that are customarily used. Those metrics are customer satisfaction, cost reduction, and sales and/or profits. A fourth metric that is often used is employee morale. To measure the success of its change initiative, the league must measure the satisfaction of its fans, whether or not it is saving money on its legal issues, and whether or not ticket sales are increasing. In addition, the NFL must create a culture that can align
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