Organizational Culture Values

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An essay on Organizational Culture Values Alignment between different values It is very important in any professional organization that the values of workers are aligned with that of the organization. In this reference the values of nurses hold a specific importance since it serves humanity and therefore its alignment with its organization is crucial for patient outcomes. Usually the values of any firm depends on things such as networking, educational opportunities provided to its employees, professional and personal growth and so on. Similarly, the values of nursing depend on things such as its technical skills, scientific knowledge and specific human values. It has been commonly seen that nurses who are working under any organization are helped by it so that they can perform a better duty, a great nurse is known to be compassionate, empathetic, selfless, self-aware and someone who is technically strong having a thirst for knowledge. All of this can be achieved if the resources of the organization such as networking and educational opportunities are wisely organized according to the requirements of the nurses. The result would be better healthcare for all, better communication which is key to finding out roots of many problems and the overall increase in a patient's trust in the nurse itself. Effective communication techniques There are many techniques of communication which can be used to overcome different challenges at workplaces such as the promotion of
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