Organizational Culture and Change Strategy at Rande Lingerie and Undergarments Ltd

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Challenges in the expansion of the business Introduction R&E Lingerie and Undergarments Ltd is one of the eminent business entities in its field of trade. The field of specialization was the investment in selling undergarments. Over its history, the organization exhibits rampant development in diverse aspects. Its development reflects in its trend in expanding. It started as a simple business owned by two individuals. They were Jewish immigrants. Since the ancient times of 1955, the business grew and invested in diverse localities. This growth marked the qualification of the business into a company. After this time, the management of the firm sold shares to the people. Currently, the organization wants to invest globally. This strategy involves the allocation of the company's capital in diverse nations apart from its point of initiation. The current CEO Maxine Power has the objective to invest the firm's capital in USA, China, as well as the southeast parts of Asia. This move would definitely mark a substantial development of the organization. Apart from the expanse in resources and market, the organization also upholds high levels of ethic principles. This has been a consistent trend since the foremost times of the investment. The key values of the organization are to satisfy the clients, ethical engagement, and management performance. In this case, the organization's resolution to invest globally requires more effort in retaining the values. This would oversee the

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