Organizational Culture and Environment

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QUESTION 1: PERFORM SWOT ANALYSIS ON A LOCAL BUSINESS YOU THINK YOU KNOW WELL. WHAT IF ANY, COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE DOES THIS ORGANIZATION HAVE. ANSWER 1: SWOT Analysis • Strengths o Ufone has network coverage in over 750 cities o Ufone provides international roaming facility across 79 countries. o It offers multimedia messaging (mms) o U tune (which was launched on 4th December 2007) which attracted more customers. o It is affordable by the common man (not only the elite class). o Ufone was the first cellular Company in Pakistan that introduced the service of GPRS and hence took the competitive advantage. o Ufone has some exciting and energetic SMS packages that made SMS almost free. They are offering Rs. 25, Rs.50, Rs.100,…show more content…
• Threats: o As Ufone is cellular company and there is cut throat competition among cellular companies in Pakistan. There are six other companies also working in Pakistan so Ufone would have to face some growing competitive pressures. o Pakistan is facing some serious economic problems now days so that would also affect Ufone. The current recession in market is not good for any kind of business including telecommunication. o Ufone penetrated in the market from 2005 to 2006 quite rapidly but since then it is experiencing a bit slower growth. o By the arrival of China Mobile Company (Zong) in cellular industry of Pakistan the Ufone and other companies now have to face the severe competition. As, Zong is introducing some various attractive packages of both SMS and calls to attract customers. Ufone have to develop strategies to counter their strategy and to survive in the market. o The key threat to Ufone is also some adverse Government policies of implementing Tax on telecommunication industry that will ultimately affect the revenues. o There are some rumors about the shares of PTCL in the market. Being the Subsidiary company of PTCL, Ufone will also be affected by that. Comparative advantage: Ufone telecommunications although in a very competitive market has managed to stay on top in a few aspects. Unlike mobilink and telenor, Ufone has a very large market and has achieved in covering a large population of Pakistan through its
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