Organizational Culture and Its Effects on Team Development and Effectiveness

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Individual Assignment: Organizational Culture and Team Effect Paper Explore how organizational culture develops and how it affects team development and effectiveness Organizational cultures develop over time thus the need to adopt and integrate valuable components towards realization of effective and efficient development of the organizational cultures. Understanding of the organizational culture is an essential aspect towards the achievement of quality culture with the aim of enhancing the output and development of the teams. In understanding organizational culture, it is critical to evaluate factors affecting the development of organizational culture within the context of an organization. Some of the critical factors influencing the development of organizational culture include purpose, processes, history, goals, objectives, size, social, and economic factors. An organization can adopt and incorporate various methodologies with the aim of achieving an effective and efficient organizational culture. The organization would first identify the organizational culture through vital definition. This is through administration of survey with employees as the participants with aim of identifying quality ways of executing interviews and focus groups. There is also need to determine the perceptions of the employees towards the values and organizational accepted behaviors. In order to maximize the process of identification of the organizational culture, it is ideal to hire external
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