Organizational Culture and Its Themes

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International Journal of Business and Management

December, 2008

Organizational Culture and Its Themes
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As one of the key ‘stable factors’, culture within an organization is playing a critical role in the organization’s everyday operations. Although the culture literature has at times focused on the culture of an organization as shared basic assumptions (Schein, 1985), or as metaphors within organizations (Morgan, 1986, 1997), it is not sufficient to attempt to understand and measure them. This paper explores organizational culture
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3, No. 12

International Journal of Business and Management

Whereas Hofstede (1984) wrote of “the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one human group from another” as the meaning of the term organizational culture, which seems an interesting way of understanding the notion, and despite he ‘discovered’ four areas of work related value differences at that time (power distance; uncertainty avoidance; individualism/collectivism; masculinity/femininity), however, in 1992, Hofstede used the term ‘practices’ to refer to social and cultural phenomena, and in Hofstede’s perspective, it is quite important to locate the deeply held values of organization members at the very center of the organization’s culture. In reality, for some organization members, these values will be so deeply held that they will not be possible to change at all. However, how we choose to define culture has considerable implications for how we attempt to examine and study it, different authorities in the literature has introduced different interpretations. In practice, no matter what size or nature it is, an organization might have its own culture
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