Organizational Culture and Structure

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Organizational Culture and Structure
The structure of an organization determines the allocation of roles, regulations, and responsibilities, and therefore builds a basis for the culture in an organization. There is a constant relationship between organizational structure and organizational culture that provides a theme within an organization. Both can be difficult to clearly define and distinguish when analyzing an organization. Organization culture is a perspective into the company’s personality; it provides descriptive values, principals, traditions, and a way of doing things that effect how members view the organization (Robbins, DeCenzo, & Coulter, 2013). The organizational structure builds the
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Stories of innovation inspire creativity and help build the strength of an organization’s culture. A strong organizational culture holds key values that are shared with all members. It is the responsibility of leaders to uphold an organization’s culture to ensure that there is a proper foundation that binds the structure.
Organizational Structure Any organization should have its own operating structure in order to reach success. Organizational structure is defined as a hierarchy of people that determine roles of authority, communications, and the duties of an organization (Robbins et al., 2013). Organizations must organize their structure to meet the needs of that particular organization, and assure that it resembles the values instilled by the organizational culture. The development of culture through an organization is a natural process that is dependent upon the instilled values of the leaders and members in the organization (O’Neil, 2011). Leaders can still influence the culture by sticking to their values and implementing a strong and effective organizational structure. There are several models that organizations can utilize to structure the elements within the organization.
The structure of an organization can be divided into two generic organization structure models. Below is a chart as presented by Robbins et al. (2013)
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