Organizational Culture and the Development of Organizational Culture

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ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE 1. INTRODUCTION One of the significant elements while discussing about organization development is to discuss its own existing culture as the culture itself is part of organization behavior that gives significant role in shaping organizational sustainability. Above all there is a need to recognize the right culture for any organization to achieve excellence. Peters and Waterman (1982) clearly described organizational culture as the human side of an organization with managers’ key role being to shape culture by making meaning for employees out of the confusing place that some organization can be. It is no doubt one of the absolute function of any…show more content…
While preparing the planned change, an organization must be able to identify its own culture. According to Md Zabid Abdul Rashid, Sambasivan and Azmawani Abdul Rahman (2003) organizational culture is associated with attitudes towards organizational change. Different types of organizational culture have different level of acceptance on attitude towards organizational change. Organizational culture gives impacts on organizational change process. While referring to the transformational type of change, there is no doubt that the transformation process, which regarded as the most complex and comprehensive type of change process requires radical shift that covers change in culture, behaviour and mindset of all the components within the organization. Thus it is clearly understood here that complete understanding of organizational culture will lead to and rightful approaches to tackle any organizational development and change process. Organizational culture decides the way its members make decisions, the way they make interpretation, manage and operate. In other words, organizational culture affects organization’s competitive position. Inability to manage organizational culture will give negative consequences on organization’s performance. 4. FACTORS SHAPING CULTURE IN ORGANIZATION Understanding organizational culture means to know what, how
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