Organizational Culture at Lincoln Electric

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Motley Fool (2013), a multimedia financial company named Lincoln Electric to be the eight best companies in America. It is a phenomenal achievement to maintain the company’s ranking for several years. This implies that the organizational structure and culture should play a tremendous role in the Company’s continuous success and progress. This essay assess the assess the culture and different trends followed at Lincoln Electric
Organizational Culture:
Business dictionary defines Organizational Culture as the ‘values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization’. It can also be seen as the values that show people what is appropriate and what is not (Becker, 2006).
Lincoln Electric:
Founded in 1865 by John C. Lincoln, the company is known in today’s world for its high worker productivity. The secret behind this extra ordinary success lies in the company’s founding philosophies and established policies over the year. The term ‘Organizational Culture’ was not even in practice when the company established its unique policies like reducing working hours, paid up life insurance, health benefits, social activities, paid vacations, and the pension plans. These measures not only motivated the employees but also helped build trust and partisanship. In Charles G. Herbruck’s words “... these were expressions of mutual respect for each person’s importance for the job to be done.” It can be assumed that Lincoln Electric
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