Organizational Culture at The Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD)

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Organizational Culture at The Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD)


1. The Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) had humble beginnings in 1951 when forward thinking county officials had a vision of a better waste management system for the Monterey Peninsula, ending the era of unconditional garbage dumping that had prevailed. From this time on, a Board of Directors has labored to ensure that the waste from Monterey Peninsula residents is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner that not only satisfies state and federal legal requirements, but ensures that the health of the peninsula is preserved for decades to come .

2. Currently
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Firstly, that the beliefs, values, assumptions and behaviors of employees within specific divisions (headed by a Manager) are the same. Second, that the employees not interviewed would have had similar opinions to those that were. Lastly, that a wide enough sample of employees were interviewed that individual biases would be identified as such and could then be excluded from further analysis. A summary of the interviews, including starting questions, is attached at annex A.the annexes.
Organization Chart as Interviewed

Employee values and beliefs

6. It became evident during the interview process that all MRWMD employees feel strongly about the impact that human waste is having on the environment and are staunch supporters of the organizations reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy. Every employee was proud to admit that they recycled at home and stated that working at MRWMD has only encouraged them to be more conscientious in their recycling efforts. Although a majority of employees had been taught as children to recycle and were simply continuing the practice, the few that had not previously recycled at home stated that they only did so now because of the education they had received since becoming employed at the MRWMD.

7. In addition to recycling at home and at work, MRWMD employees also expressed a

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