Organizational Culture by Charles Handy

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STUDENT REFERENCE NOTE Food Cost Control CUL2106 ATI College 85 Gaya Street 88000 Kota Kinabalu Sabah Table of Contents | | |Page | |Table of Content | |1 | |Course Outline | |2 | |Chapter 1 – Cost and Sales Concepts | |5 | |Chapter 2 – The Control Process…show more content…
b. Course Work (Total: 10%) To be based on submission of all exercises given during the class lecture. 2. Objective of Course Unit The objective of this unit is to introduce food cost control to students preparing for careers in the food and beverage management as well as hotels and other enterprises where this knowledge is necessary. 3. Synopsis The subject consist of 10 topics with the earliest topics touching on fundamentals issues such as understanding the definition of the cost terms that will be applied throughout the learning process. The first three topics also introduce students to the common formulas used in controlling cost, which will also be applied throughout the learning process. The remaining chapters’ touches on other form of controls applied in the industry with the final chapter summarizing the importance of cost control and touching on sales control as well. 4. Topics Chapter 1 – Cost and Sales Concepts Chapter 2 – The Control Process Chapter 3 – Cost/Volume/Profit Relationships Chapter 4 – Purchasing/Receiving/Storing/Issuing Control Chapter 5 – Food Production Control 1 - Portion Chapter 6 – Food Production Control 2 - Quantities Chapter 7 – Monitoring Foodservice Operations 1 – Monthly Food Cost Chapter 8 – Monitoring Foodservice Operations 2 – Daily Food Cost Chapter 9 –
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