Organizational Culture's Influence on Creativity and Innovation

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Organizational Culture's Influence on Creativity and Innovation Organizational Culture: Organizational culture is the collection of common beliefs and thoughts which are shared by the members in an organization within its workplace (Steiner, 2006). The organizational culture does not entail all the stakeholders of the organization; it is merely the collective behavior of an organization's internal customers, i.e. the employees or the human resources (Martins & Martins, 2002). These employees are considered as the biggest source of creativity for an organization which ultimately leads to innovation and competitiveness in the industry (McLean, 2005). Before discussing what benefits creativity and innovation can bring for an organization, it is imperative to define the relationship between the two. Creativity is something which is contributed by the organizational members through their knowledge, experience, and observations (Gumusluoglu & Ilsev, 2009). Innovation is the organization's ability to adapt to the external environment and be able to survive from unwanted situations and situational impacts (Khan, Rehman, & Fatima, 2009). The Relationship between Creativity and Innovation: Individual creativity is directly and positively related to the organizational innovation and competitiveness. For example, if the organization has competent and highly skillful employees who can think beyond their current job responsibilities and duties, they can give creative ideas to
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