Organizational Design And Strategy Of Organizations

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Organizational Design and Strategy Organizations use technology to leverage their competencies to remain competitive or surpass their competitors. In pursuit of competencies, organizational structures support the various forms of technology and its successes or lack thereof. At times, organizations may prefer to decide to alter its structure and technology to create different competences. MCMG’s Services The Medicare Contractor’s Management Group (MCMG) is an organization under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal government agency. MCMG produces a service that manages all Medicare Part A and Part B contractors to ensure satisfactory adherence to contractual obligations while remaining in the prescribed funding. To ensure contractual adherence, technology plays a role in MCMG’s input, conversion, and output processes that influence the services that MCMG produces. The source of greatest uncertainty is the conversion process. The techniques and work procedures generates uncertainty because MCMG personnel are not equipped efficiently to handle all contractual concerns. MCMG management can improve the uncertainty by affording the MCMG personnel an improved training program and promote creativity to improve better ways on performing job duties and responsibilities. The Roles of Technology Inside MCMG, the technology at the individual level is the personal skills and knowledge that each MCMG personnel possess (Jones, 2013). The individual level of
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