Organizational Design Is A Formal Guided Process For Integrating People, Information, And Technology

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Organizational design is a formal guided process for integrating people, information, and technology within an organization. Allstate Insurance recently partnered with IBM to outsource and streamline Human Resources functions. It is not uncommon for a company to outsource areas of Human Resources. Allstate chose to partner with IBM after the current system received complaints, were not user friendly and simple. If your employees experience difficulties using the company’s technology, then the employer has an obvious problem. HR staff, leaders and employees at Allstate Insurance Company found existing human resources applications hard to use. Increased amounts of customization had resulted in very powerful software, but introducing…show more content…
Success factors provided the user with easier of sharing data between SAP and Success factors. This relationship seemed ideal considering performance reviews are attached to compensation and compensation is directly tied to SAP. The use of Success factors in combination with SAP gave managers an easier way of entering a salary increases for an employee after a performance review and gave managers a easier tool for use while creating an employees development plan. Gone were the days of remembering multiple passwords and logging into multiple systems to accomplish a task, the time saved lower Allstate’s cost per user. With Success Factors Allstate would increase efficiency and productivity and technical tasks cut by up to 60 percent; savings allow Allstate to re-invest 20-30 percent of the IT budget; about 20 percent cut in annual expenses after five years. ("Allstate enhances and streamlines HR management with Success Factors and IBM," 2014) Implementation was not an easy process, introducing Success factors took time and had to be integrated throughout the organization. A strategic plan was created to communicate to employees the changes made to the performance review process. Employees were notified of the new evaluation criteria, the next year they were evaluated on the new criteria, and the following year they were evaluated again to ensure they understood the changes. The approach of making small subtle changes to process worked well for

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