Organizational Development : An Organization Development Essay

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Organizational development emphasizes planned approaches to changing or improving organizational structures and processes in an attempt to maximize organizational effectiveness (Organizational Development, n.d.). By aligning organizations with their rapidly changing and complex environments organizational development is able to solve problems and help organizations reach their goals (Organizational Development Theory, n.d.).
A key emphasis of organizational development is assisting clients not just in meeting their goals but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future (Organizational Development, n.d.). Although the field of organizational development is broad, it can be differentiated from other organizational change approaches by its focus on identifying the behavioral interactions and patterns that cause and sustain problems (Organizational Development, n.d.). Consequently, rather than simply changing isolated individual behaviors, organizational development efforts are focused on creating a behaviorally healthy organization that will instinctively anticipate, solve, and prevent problems (Organizational Development, n.d.). Organizational development recognizes that the relevant behaviors of individuals in organizations are typically a byproduct of the influences of groups therefore it is aimed at transforming thought and behavior throughout the organization (Organizational Development, n.d.).
Key concepts of organizational development that…
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