Organizational Development : An Organization

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An organization’s culture is the foundation of everything that goes on in the company. It is basically the personality of the organization. Culture is built over time and is an important element of an organization’s reputation. Who wants to work for a company whose culture reflects that they do not care about their employees? Fortune 500 companies have the distinction of turning high profits and the distinction of high employee satisfaction. Organizational Development Organizational development is the intentional effort to encourage growth of a company’s effectiveness to attain their strategic goals. Organization Development or OD as it is commonly called. There are various methods that can be used to invoke organizational change and development. Some of the intervention methods used are; large scale intervention, strategic intervention, and techno structural intervention. Large Scale Intervention Large scale intervention starts from the top level of the company’s organization and involves everyone at every level of the organization. It is a highly structured method that incorporates; responsibility, accountability, open information, full participation and the freedom to speak up. Large scale intervention requires that everyone work together. According to (Rouda & Kusy, Jr., 1996) a common vision of the company’s future must be created and there must be buy-in from everyone in the organization. Everyone employee must feel empowered and have
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