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Organizational Development

In today’s fast changing environment, an organization needs an effective development strategy to cope with the changes, keep pace with external threats and all the while making the most out of its resources. Organizational development is a tool to assess, plan and manage growth and management. effectively achieving set goals. It is one of the most important components of change
There are several factors that affect the success of an organization itself, including the knowledge and skills of employees, technology, customers, competition, and even the political environment. As a business owner, you should consider these factors, and more, and develop plans for business growth. Organizational
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Organization can’t survive if it is stagnant. A continuous analysis of what is wrong and what can be improved is required.
Stages of Organizational Development:
Organizational development is an ongoing process. Any organization goes through different phases and then repeats the cycle. Various analogies have been used to describe this cycle.
Stage One: Inception or Birth
This is the stage where an idea is conceived and a vision is set by founding father.

Stage Two: Start-up and Launch/Childhood
This stage includes planning, finding resources and applying them to materialize the vision. It is full of chaos, strategies are not formed yet and there is no set direction. Priorities keep on shifting as the goals are usually short term.

Stage Three: Go-Go/ Adolescence
This is the stage where things start to settle down. Organizational directions and goals are set and leaders are able to comprehend the need and structure of what has to be done to achieve the vision.

Stage Four: Maturing
By this point in the life cycle the organization is firmly established. Resources have been allocated and things are going smoothly. Goals are being achieved. Agreements have been made on roles and responsibilities and there is consistency in policies.
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