Organizational Development Department And Is Someone That I Have Taken Communications Classes From At St. Luke

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When selecting my topic for this research paper I reached out to a co-worker of mine, Michelle Choate. Michelle works in our Organizational Development department and is someone that I have taken communications classes from at St. Luke’s. For many years I consistently had employment evaluations that suggested that I had significant opportunity to improve my communication skills. Through the courses taught by Michelle, I was able to discover some characteristics about myself and implement her teachings into my life. I did not realize it prior to writing this paper but she has been a valuable asset to increasing my emotional intelligence. When selecting my topic I wanted to know, from her perspective, what topics in communication where…show more content…
Characteristics of self-regulation include; trustworthiness, integrity and openness to change. Internal motivation is your passion to complete a project or a goal that is beyond financial compensation. Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others, and treating them in a way that is compatible with their emotional reactions. And finally, social skills include one’s ability to manage and build social and professional networks, be persuasive, build teams and rapport.
Who has emotional intelligence?
Emotional intelligence (EQ) is similar to intelligence quotient (IQ) in the respect that we all have it to some degree. Both emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient have standardized tests to evaluate your EQ and IQ respectively. Even though one’s IQ can change over time, you are likely remain in the same place in the group in which you are compared to. Emotional intelligence however is something you can increase (or decrease) over time. An EQ test can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to improve upon your areas of opportunity. “Emotionally intelligent people have a certain way of thinking, feeling, and behaving. They’re naturally confident. They bring out the best in others. When you’re with someone who’s highly emotionally intelligent, you feel like he or she is completely interested in you. He or she isn’t distracted when talking to you; you get his or her full attention” (Stein). The cornerstone to
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