Organizational Development

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Contents Acknowledgement 3 Introduction to the case study 4 Literature Review 5 What is OD intervention ? 5 Factors That Impact the Success of OD Interventions can be listed under two main headings, 5 Intervention Categories 7 The process of Organizational Development 9 Change management 11 Report to be given to CEO of Nuran food products 12 Implementing an effective and successful OD process 12 Impact of Closing down of plant in Kandy 15 Recommendations 16

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The extent to which the OD intervention transfers change-management competence to organization members.

Factors That Impact the Success of OD Interventions can be listed under two main headings, 1. Factors relating to Change Situation: These relate to the environment of the organization and include the physical and human environment. 2. Factors Related to the Target of Change: These relate to the specific targets at which OD interventions are targeted. The targets of change can be different issues of the organization and at different levels

Factors relating to Change Situation I. Readiness for Change: Intervention success depends heavily on the organization being ready for planned change. II. Capability to Change: Managing planned change requires particular knowledge and skills including the ability to motivate change, to lead change, to develop political support, to manage transition, and to sustain momentum. III. Cultural Context: The national culture within which an organization is embedded can exert a powerful influence on members’ reactions to change, and so intervention design must account for the cultural values and assumptions held by organization members. IV. Capabilities of the Change Agent (OD Consultant): The success of OD interventions depend to a great extent on the expertise, experience and talents of the consultant.

Factors Related to the Target of Change: A. Organizational
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