Organizational Development

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"Understanding the Impact of Organizational Change on Human Resources: The Roles, Processes and Challenges."


Given the accelerating rate of global-scale change, organizational change and development have become more critical to organization success and ultimate survival. This report includes comprehensive discussion on the impact of organizational change on human resources. The discussion involves the roles of human resources when formulating and implementing the various approaches during change processes as well as the challenges faced by organizations for continual change. The changes proposed in this report are mainly focus on enhancing people 's commitment, motivation and inspiration due to the
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Besides external-internal practitioner team, Karp (2004, 349) also acknowledged that the responsibility for change must be assigned to a broader range of internal and external stakeholders. In order to effectively manage change initiatives, a successful guiding team should involve the chairman, senior managers, board members, representatives from key customers, and even a union leader (Kotter 1995, 98). From the perspective of Kotter (1995, 98), it is necessary to include external stakeholder due to the fact that if the existing internal system is working well, there would be no need for organizational change. However, since the current system is inefficient, the change management thus demands activity outside of formal boundaries, prospects, and practices.

The Change Processes
There are many approaches available to facilitate leaders and managers to implement change. This report discusses the integration of people-oriented approach and sociotechnical systems approach to organizational change. It is important to note that the success of change more than ever depends on the people in organizations (Karp 2004; Lawler and Mohrman 2003; Brown and Harvey
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