Organizational Development ( Od )

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Organizational development (OD) refers to a process of enhancing personal and organizational change, and increasing the organization’s effectiveness by using interventions that are driven by behavioral and social science knowledge (Brown and Harvey 2011).The main aim of organizational development in any given organization is to bring change that will drive the organization towards attaining effectiveness in its operations. Organizations need to change in order to become more productive, satisfying to members, as well as attain effectiveness. In other words, change is a significant aspect as far as an organization’s life is concerned. For instance, the increment in customers ' demand, the presence of advanced technologies, and the demand…show more content…
Hence, Apple Inc. needs to analyze keenly the factors that are limiting it from attaining effectiveness so as to apply a relevant change that will solve such issues. However, organizational development seems to be stressful, hurtful, and frustrating for most people. Therefore, most employees tend to resist to organizational changes. As a result, organizations face a lot of challenges as they try to implement various organizational changes (Brown, 2011, p. 67). Organizational Development Challenges in Apple Inc. Like any other organization, Apple Inc. is facing a number of challenges regarding its efforts to implement new changes that can lead to effectiveness (Burke and Noumair, 2015, p. 198). It undergoes many challenges that need to be effectively solved before the organization attains effectiveness in its activities. The company is facing challenges such as difficulties in managing the performance of employees, incompetent and unqualified leaders, career development difficulties, employee resistance, and lack of a good communication network among others. Management of the performance of each employee in an organization is a great advancement towards the attainment of effectiveness. Apple Inc. is an organization that has rapidly grown over the last few years. Currently, Apple Inc. is operating in a number of countries such as America, Japan, and Europe among many others. Its products are trading worldwide. With the increment of the company 's operations,
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