Organizational Development Of A Global Organization

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Introduction If I was hired as a consultant to a leader in a United States corporation to lead a diverse team in the development of a global organization, I would discuss with the leader the data gathered by the Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness Research Program (GLOBE) to understand how to effectively create an inclusive culture (House, Hanges, Javidan, Dorfman, & Gupta, 2004). Countries, where this corporation is planting the business operations, are Greece, Singapore, Germany, and Iran. Diverse employees will be hired from these countries to work as a global team. It would be imperative to brainstorm the cross-cultural strategies in advance about how to create an inclusive culture as that can serve as the…show more content…
By creating open communication channels, a leader can actively listen to employees concerns and address them with realistic solutions. Inclusive leader keeps his or her mind open to learn about different cultures and diverse point of views. For this corporation a leader should be able to understand the different cultures employees are coming from, and make inclusive policies and procedures. As a consultant, I will research various organizations’ existing policies and procedures of these countries. My plan of action would be to customize the policies and procedures for this global organization. For that employees can be involved in discussions in the initial phases of formulating the policies and procedures. What works in one country might not be a good fit for another. Leader’s ability to be adaptable and being unbiased during this phase is going to be of supreme importance (Loraine, 2014). I would consult with the leader with which employees she can be direct and with whom she have provide autonomy. Perceptions of different employees about power distance would help me and the leader decide that authoritative leadership style would work for Iran and Greece as their power distance cultural dimension is higher in than Germany and Singapore (see Appendix A). For Germany and Singapore participative leadership would work better, whereas for Greece and Iran it would be autonomous. Employees from
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