Organizational Development

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Organizational Development Organizational development is having the competence to recognize where a company is at currently and the vision of what a company could evolve into. OD is giving the company the tools to make it successful in the long run (Brown, 2011). Before this class I did not understand all the concepts associated with OD or how they could benefit me in the future. I now will be able to develop diagnostic skills to identify OD issues, problems, and opportunities; acquire the ability to apply OD knowledge to organizational situations, and identify organizational situations that require professional assistance, thus achieving my personal and professional goals. Part of OD is being able to anticipate the need for change. This…show more content…
They may have to take extra time to learn the systems and technology of the company. Time is something that OD cannot spare. There are many attributes that an OD practitioner must possess; Such as, honesty, attentiveness, and being able to listen (Organisation Development, 2012). These skills are coupled with an OD practitioner style. There are different kinds of OD practitioner styles. I will discuss each kind. The Pathfinder Style encourages companies to look at their most important issues using several strategies. They rely heavily on communication, not just on the part of the practitioner but between team members as well (McKendall, 1993). Member roles and group responsibilities are clearly defined to ensure accuracy and assurance. Leadership and authority is established to warrant any dissatisfaction or quandaries that arise (Brown, 2011). In my future endeavors as a human resource professional this style makes the most sense. It allows everyone to be open, but clearly outlines goals and authority. Another OD practitioner style is the Stabilizer method. The Stabilizer method is often used by employees of large corporations who are merely following someone’s orders (Brown, 2011). The primary goal is to avoid making waves (McKendall, 1993). This method usually does not offer a high degree of effectiveness. In my opinion I would not use this method in a large or small corporation. I think it leaves employees
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