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Organizational Development (OD) has become more and more important for today’s organizations because the world is moving so fast that organizations have to find ways to be more effective, more innovation, more customer-driven, and more agile. Cumming and Worley (1997) define organizational development as “a process that applies a broad range of behavior science knowledge and practices to help organizations build their capacity to change and to achieve greater effectiveness” (p. 1). Therefore, OD will help organizations understand how people act to change and which change methods can work with the resistance to change that usually occurs in organizations undergoing change. As my concentration of SPS program is organizational development, it …show more content…
Whitney and Trosten-Bloom (2003) support that organizations such as British Airway, The American Red Cross, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR), and the Visiting Nurse Service of NY could turn their problems into positive changes by using Appreciative Inquiry. I also liked Scenario Thinking because I thought it was practical for everybody and it would help employees to hone their solving problem skills by thinking what they intended to do if in the future they faced the situation that brought them difficulties. Moreover, using of Scenario Thinking could open up to incredible possibilities and challenge long-term internal belief of an organization (Mietzner & Reger, 2005).
Team Intervention Model Presentation and Facilitation (TIMPF) In addition, I experienced how to work in team by pretending that all members of the team were consultants that had to think which interventions should be provided to solve a problem of a case study. This was very difficult because I never had any experiences in this field before. However, it was very interesting and could help me understand how we could effectively work as a consultant team. My group included Emily, Martha, and Muneera and our case was about the problems of Singapore Airline. We met in the library to talk about the case, find the case’s problems, and think what change method could be appropriate for the case. We also had a conference call and emailed to

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