Organizational Development Paper

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Organizational Development Paper
Jane Doe
October 24, 2011

Organizational Development Paper Organizational development is crucial to building a strong organization. Change in organizational mission, change in the economy, and change of inner structural changes can organizational mission, change in the economy, and change of inner structural changes can necessitate organizational development. When these changes occur, businesses seek outside organizational assistance. According to Jex and Britt (2008), organizational development is the implementation of programs, techniques, and methods that work together to enhance individual performance and organizational improvements. This paper will highlight
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To increase the effectiveness of proposed changes and improvements, organizations use multiple scientific methods and techniques. For change to be successful management must develop political support. This support is necessary because to initiate change management must have political power within the organization and outside of the organization. This power is often necessary to ensure a smooth transition during the development process (Authenticity Consulting, 2011). Organizational development of a business may appear to be an extensive and complicated process; however, given the right conditions the change can be almost seamless. To have successful change a crucial component is communication. Another condition that would assist with successful organizational development is preparing and conditioning employees for change. This is an area where communication is pertinent. A business that has effective communication with employees’ with clients and with stakeholders will have an easier transition. It is important for employees to understand the changes taking place, why the changes are taking place and the role he or she has in the transition. Aside from communication, another crucial component necessary to ensure change is support. Without support, change would be impossible. Support from management is especially important because
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