Organizational Development: Reflection on Learning Essay

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Organization Development (OD) is a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness and/or efficiency, and/or to enable the organization to achieve its strategic goals (2015, Wikipedia). The understanding I now have of Organization Development came at a point in which I was personally experiencing it myself. As someone who has undergone a reduction in work force, this course helped me better understand why transitions happen in a company that is going through an economical or global change. As someone who has worked for over 30 years, I experienced this for the first time ever in my life. I did not quite know the gest of what it all meant because I did not have an understanding regarding…show more content…
I learned there were several well-known companies that underwent organizational change. I realized that most companies were affected by change due to the evolution of technology. Technology made it more accessible for people to find products and services on line. This resulted to companies loosing a tremendous amount of money and ultimately going out of business. I realized there are several steps an Organization Developer must consider in order for a company to have a successful outcome when they go through a transition. The OD must be able to identify several different components to produce a positive outcome. For instance, the OD must identify what needs to change with the company and communicate the problem in a clear and concise manner. It is also important to put together a team that can help with the process to ensure that everything goes accordingly. Also, if additional training is necessary then that must be factored in for others to understand the different aspects of someone else’s job. Employees must also understand why the change was necessary; therefore, the OD must be the one to convey that message in order for employees to understand the process of reorganizing. Once employees understand why the change is taking place, they must understand the new plans and goals
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