Essay on Organizational Development Strategy Proposal:

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Organizational Development Strategy Proposal:
Whole Systems Predictive Modeling
Team B
ORG502 Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
June 1, 2004

For the past two years the public school system—save one—has failed to meet the minimum standards required for the No Child Left Behind program. This coming year will be the final year for the public school system to meet the standards or it will lose its charter and the program will be taken over by state officials or privatized. There are four basic strategies that could be implemented ¯ Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search and Whole Systems Intervention. Because of the infrastructure difficulties and cultural changes that need to be addressed, as well
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With only a year left a new strategy needs to be implemented with radical changes now, and when success has been achieved, a philosophical change can be looked at for future endeavors.
Future search is another model used for O.D. intervention where a planning meeting is held that helps people transform their capability for action very quickly. The meeting is task-focused. It brings together 60 to 80 people in one room, or hundreds in parallel rooms. Future search brings people from all occupations into the same conversation ¯ those with resources, expertise, formal authority, and need. They meet for 16 hours spread across three days, during which time people tell stories about their past, present and desired future. Through dialogue they discover their common ground, and only then do they make concrete action plans. If an organization lacks behavioral style diversity, its leaders may use the Future Search process to provide a group of diverse stakeholders with an opportunity to identify a shared vision and a common purpose (Darling, McKenna and Shelton, 2002). This intervention is good for companies that have employees with shared beliefs and common norms—a corporate culture. But with the public school system there is a much more diversified pool of individuals, with each group bringing different expectations to the table. This approach is desired for its quick implementation, and a quick solution is needed here, but when considering the support staff,

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