Organizational Development and Change Management: Riordan Manufacturing

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Change Management: Riordan Manufacturing Right now, Riordan Manufacturing does not have a formal system for management of their customer information. Traditionally, they have just left customer information management up to their individual employees. By making a change to the system and requiring all employees to use that system, it will be possible to consolidate and appropriately access all customer information, thus streamlining this process (Marshak, 2005). However, the change is not without stress and difficulty (Marshak, 2005). Right now, there are both formal and informal power structures at Riordan. The company has people in charge in a formal way, but they also give a lot of informal power to their employees by allowing them to manage information for their customers. By having a more streamlined way of handling customer information, it is possible that Riordan will change its power structure to some extent. The informal power structure will not be the same (or even existent) once the new plan is in place, and the formal power structure may need to be adjusted in order to make sure it is strong enough to withstand and properly manage the change. Politically, the structure of the organization will also change (Anderson & Anderson,2001). Since the management of customer information will all be part of one system that will be used by all employees, it is clear that someone will be needed to manage that particular system. In order for Riordan to be successful

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